Here is a list of some of the changes we have made to keep Doyle’s safe and enjoyable:

  • Masks – employees and customers will be required to wear masks except when seated to eat or drink.
  • Limited Hours – we are open to the public from 3pm-10pm Thursday and Friday. On Saturday and Sunday we are open 11am-10pm. We are open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for private events.
  • Limited Occupancy – we have the capacity to entertain over 500 customers but are limiting our occupancy to 156 people at a time. Beginning April 1, we can accommodate groups of up to 50.
  • Cashless – we no longer accept cash. Food and beverage checks will be printed with a QR code and web address allowing customers to pay via their phone’s internet browser. Game cards may be purchased using cash from our self service Mission Card kiosk.
  • Deep cleaning – we deep clean before opening every day and clean continuously throughout the day.
  • Extra hand sanitizer stations – we have purchased additional hand sanitizer stations to supplement the stations we had before COVID-19
  • Table Spacing – all of our tables have been moved at least 8 feet apart.
  • Digital Menus – you may access our menu on your phone’s browser via QR code. 


Full Service


20+ 70″ TV’s

Huge Sports Bar

State Of The Art


Battle for D.C